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Public Cafè is a small, friendly and welcoming establishment. A good place to meet for a coffee, sweeten up your day, enjoy a tasty and healthy lunch, take a well-deserved break or reward yourself with a drink at the end of the day.
We would like you stop and come in. We would like to meet you and offer you a good time.

Public Cafè

A public place where you will feel like in your own private space.

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    100% Arabica. Mixing classic Brazil, India, Nicaragua and Guatemala, personalized Indonesia, Sumatra and Ethiopia Sidamo.

  • 2_BAR

    Appetizers, drinks, craft beers, glasses of wine, gin and tonic, vodka tonics and cocktails.

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    Light and healthy foods. Salads, creams, sandwiches, tapas and Mediterranean dishes. Our base is the selection of quality raw materials from our local suppliers.


    Public space outside, the sun, the street.


Breakfast, snacks, lunch and after work. Our suggestions to enjoy your Public favourite moments

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